Pedophilia and homosexuality – an undeniable connection

According Oxfam study (2014), one group of people owned 48% of the entire world’s wealth. It is difficult to say whether it is too much, too little or just the right amount – without having to know how big the group is . If this group of people makes only 1% of the population (yes), then we can say that there is something wrong with this group of people.

What if it is not 1% but 3% group of the population? And not 48% but 30% of the total wealth? Still something is wrong.

Now imagine that this is not a rich elite and world wealth, but GAYS and BOYS: 3% of gays in the USA population and the boys who represent 30% of sexually abused children. Because identical disparity can be said that something is seriously wrong with these 3% people.

Who rape the boys?

It is also true that 70% of abused children are girls who were sexually abused by heterosexual men. But another tiny 3% group “takes care” for as much as 30% of the remaining children. Sorry, comrades liberal: homosexuality and pedophilia are linked:

1.Almost all pedophiles are male.
2.A significant percentage of pedophile victims are boys (25-33%).
3.Only a small percentage of male is homosexual (approximately 3% in the US, while West outside the USA twice less).
4.CONCLUSION: homosexual pedophiles are disproportionately represented (3 versus 30)

(1) From the book “Sexual Offending Against Children”:

 “There is a widespread belief that the vast majority of child sexual abuse do men. Indeed, the 3000 sex attackers in prisons in England and Wales are men. There were only 12 women! “.

(2) “Journal of Child Psychiatry”:

“Modern studies have shown that the ratio of girls to boys abused significantly reduced. . . . 2-4 girls to 1 boy …. reporting of sexual abuse of boys is probably less. “

We do not want here to minimize the problem of abuse of girls. Pornization and sexualization of society are the fuel for all sexual abuse.

(3) “National Survey of Men” (nationally representative sample of 3321 men 20 to 39 years published in “Family Planning Perspectives”):

“2% of sexually active men had sexual activity with the same sex within 10 years.”

(4) Homosexual pedophiles sexually molest children far more by comparing the percentage of homosexuals in the general population. Study 457 male sex offenders against children in the “Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy”:

“Approximately 1/3 had sexual activities directed towards male children”. While heterosexuals exceed homosexuals in proportion about 30-40 to 1, homosexual pedophiles make up 1/3 of the total number of sex offenders against children “

“Archives of Sexual Behavior”:

“The evidence shows that only 2-4% of men prefer men. In contrast, approximately 20-40% of men who are attracted to children prefer boys. It is therefore among pedophiles share homosexual attraction 6-20 times higher. “

What are the chances a hetero man and a homosexual man to molest children?


So how do gay activists avoid this obvious logical conclusion (3/30)? With the help of their claims that the men who abused boys are not gay (!).

(1) To this end, they’ve made a sophist definition that homosexuality should define how they attract adults of the same sex. And that such persons do not attract children. Similarly to the “heterosexual community” could not answer that heterosexuals can not pedophiles; because heterosexuals attracted to adult women.

However, the study of sex offenders against male children in Behavior Research and Therapy found that male homosexual pedophiles sexually attracted to men of all ages. Compared to non-offenders they showed greater sexual arousal to slides of nude males of 24 years.

“As a group, child molesters react with moderate sexual arousal at naked men of all ages.”

Similarly, a Canadian study of prisoners of pedophilia in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence states that some of them also participate in homosexual activities with men in prison.

Many pedophiles see themselves as homosexual. Study 229 convicted child molesters in Archives of Sexual Behavior found that

“86% of offenders in the boys described themselves as homosexual or bisexual”

(2) Pro-homosexual activists claim that the man who abused boys (but also has a sexual relationship with an adult woman, and perhaps is even married and with children) that he can not be considered homosexual. Only the twisted mind can come to the conclusion that because a rapist of boys has a wife and children (and heterosexual relationships) – that what he did to the boy is no homosexual acts. The homosexual act is the over / with a person of the same sex, regardless of what was done before and after that.

The fact is: homosexuality and pedophilia are largely overlapping categories.

Pedophilia in Gay Culture

David Thorstad, homosexual activist and historian of the gay movement claims that there is a natural and undeniable connection between homosexuality and pedophilia: “Boy-lovers were involved in the gay movement from the beginning, and their presence is tolerated.” 1985 North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), which openly advocates sex “adult-child” is a recognized member of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA).

Mary Eberstadt documents how eroded the taboo of child sex cases of pedophilia in the gay literature

nambla (1)“Gay literature is rich in idyllic depictions of ‘intergenerational ties’ in the” mainstream “gay anthologies. The Gay Canon: Great Books Every Gay Man Should Read brings stories containing scenes “man-boy” of sex. Another anthology, A History of Gay Literature: The Male Tradition, includes lengthy chapter ‘Boys and Boyhood’ where you can definitely see how pro-pedophile literature works. ”

Significant percentage of gay bestseller contains pedophile themes:

“Some Boys”, described as a “memoir lover boys” that “evokes the author’s young friends through the decades”;
“For a Lost Soldier”: the story of a sexual relationship between the soldiers and the 11-year-old boy
“A Good Start, Considering”: another story about 11-year-old (!) Boy who suffers abuse or save a teenager who “offers him love”
“The Age Taboo”, “Boy-lovers … are not child molesters. Abusers are … parents who are pushing their own rigid morality to young people who are in their custody. ”

Some homosexual commentators openly admit that within the gay community there is a fatal fascination with pedophilia. Lesbian columnist Paula Martinac, writing in the gay Washington Blade:

“Some gays still hold that adults who have a same-sex relationship with someone under the legal age actually makes some sort of service. . . . “Adults-young” sex is seen as an important aspect of gay culture. . . . . This romanticized version is a staple of gay literature …. When a gay affirming sex “adult-young”, while claiming ‘We’re not pedophiles,’ they send inconsistent message to society … . . Lesbian and gay community will never succeed in combating pedophile stereotype until we stop supporting sex with young people.”

Make sure only the description of a wooden iron, “… will never succeed in combating pedophile stereotype until we stop supporting sex with young people.”

So, the problem is ‘the stereotypes’.635711281948630902-Gays007

Pedophile productivity

On average, one hetero-rapist abusing 20 girls.

On average, one homosexual-rapist abusing 150 boys.

Gay magazine “Advocate” claims that 21% of its readers were sexually abused as children. They did not take into account the age above 15 years. It would, at their discretion, then a twice. Studying the biographies of 150 famous homosexuals, the same newspaper found that 67% of them include “man-boy” sex.

Raped girls are more likely to become lesbians. So, hetero-pedophiles sow female homosexuality.

Raped, boys are more likely to become homosexual, and then themselves rapists.

Only the professional circles are aware of the fact that they will usually do the children about the same age who were themselves at the time of abuse. Interesting, is not it?

Early trauma abused children not only changes brain chemistry, they are at higher risk of depression and emotional disease during life – studies show. Such emotional imbalance is however typical for homosexuals, and persons prone to alcohol and drugs (expressed companions homosexual lifestyle). Gays are the victims and the perpetrators.

For homosexualisation of society does not matter that the homosexuals can not reproduce. The important thing is to ensure ingredients:

  1. enough raping children
  2. enough of absent fathers (physically or emotionally)
  3. enough dysfunctional families
  4. free access to the education system

Then everything goes away by itself.

Pedophilia is the next revolution of sexual rights that is happening

At the beginning of social acceptance of homosexuality only sighted could predict that because of that, today people in USA lose livelihoods – if they refuse to bake a cake for gay marriage or arrange it, if pay a donation to opponents of LGBT activism, or that because of (verbal) disagreement with LGBT be forcibly sent to courses reforming – in the manner of 100% of communism ( “sensitivity training”).

And so America over the crotch, really anal route reached totalitarianism – where something is forbidden to speak or not-accept / not-celebrated (no Communism, but Hommunism).

And usually there all starts in the academic community, which by definition is open to question all questions.

Then perform media such liberal discussion brings up the general public to get used to it though and it becomes boring. Who does not agree with it, that is a closed mind and ignorant (bigot) – our liberal-minds would say “fanatical”:

New York Times: pedophile tendency is “mental handicap” that should enjoy legal protection.

“I’m a pedophile, but not a monster”

Today we are somewhere like in the 1980s in terms of LGBT. Consider these eight arguments – all of them in modified form were used in support of homosexuality.

“Pedophilia is innate and unchangeable; people are born that way and can not be changed. ”
“Pederasty rich convinced of many different cultures throughout history.”
“The assertion that sexual intercourse” adult-child “causes damage was greatly exaggerated and often completely inaccurate.”
“Voluntary sex” adult-child “can actually be beneficial for the child.”
“Pederasty should not be classified as a mental disorder, because it does not cause anxiety for pederast who has the desire and since pederast can work and contribute as a normal member of society.”
“Many famous homosexuals in the past were actually pedophiles.”
“People are against inter-generational intimacy due to outdated social norms and puritanical sexual phobia.”
“It’s about love, equality and liberation.”

You are already heard all in the case of gay rights. It is a tested recipe for the acceptance of a special orientation of homosexuality – pedophilia. It is irony that there is no one else except a boxer (!) noticing it:

“There are three things that must happen before” the devil comes home. ” One of them is that homosexuality becomes legal, other abortion, a third pedophilia. Who would the ’50s or’ 60s thought that the first two to be legalized? When I say to pedophilia could become legal, it sounds crazy, but if I told you that for homosexuality and abortion in the 50s looked to me like a crazy man ” (Tyson Fury)

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