Serial-killer sodomites: Donald Harvey (# 3)

donald Harvey

Killing 87 people, Donald Harvey is #3 of 25 sodomites in Top-100 US serial killers. It means sodomites are 700% more likely to be serial killers (8 times). Simple math!

You will not hear about sexual orientation of serial killers – only about LGBT victims. Here are these 25 sodomites of Top-100 USA serial killers. Here are quotation of hard-to-find notes about their sexual orientation. Morbid details from murderpedia can be found in web links for any of them:

 #25 Vaughn Greenwood (killed 11)

He was a loner and a homosexual.

In Chicago, during 1966, he had demanded cash from 70-year-old Mance Porter, following a sexual encounter in the latter’s skid row apartment. When Porter refused, Greenwood slashed his throat and stabbed him repeatedly with two different knives,

#24 Stephen Nash (killed 11)

Characteristics: “Thrill murders” – Homosexual

#23 Benjamin Atkins (killed 11)

At first, Atkins denied the killings, saying his homosexuality precluded any interest in women.

 #22 Ricky Green (killed 12)

Characteristics: Bisexual – Rape – Sexual mutilation

After meeting Green and engaging in sex with him on a beach

After a sexual encounter with Fefferman, Green dropped off his car at his own home and proceeded to Fefferman’s home, where the two drank some beer and again engaged in sexual activity.

When he returned he found Ricky in the bedroom. Ricky asked Steven if he could tie him up and each would take a turn at being tied up. After Ricky tied up Steven he pulled out a knife and started to tell Steven that he hated homosexuals. He then proceeded to stab him with the knife again and again.
Steven was still alive after the stabbings and Ricky went into the kitchen and got a kitchen knife and stabbed Steven in his throat all the time repeating that he hated homosexuals.

#21 Elton Jackson (killed 12)

“I’m black. I’m gay. (Andre) and I had a nice time that weekend

three witnesses to testify regarding their sexual encounters with him

the statement he made to police regarding his sexual encounter with Kevin Benton

#20 Herbert Mullin (killed 13)

Mullin’s strange ideas, such as his theory that his family had conspired to hide bisexuality from him as a child

told his girlfriend that he was ‘turning gay’.

Herb later asked his sister to have sex with him, and when she declined, he asked if is brother-in-law would sleep with him.

he “ritualistically” burned the end of his penis with a lit cigarette, and later made an aggressive pass at his male friend,

Lunde testified about details of Mullin’s homosexuality, which at one point Mullin interrupted, in attorney-like fashion, and said, “I’ll stipulate that I’m bisexual.”

#19 Arthur Shawcross (killed 13)

Shawcross had taken Jack into the woods and after stripping him naked and forcing him to run through the woods, had caught him and sexually molested him before finally strangling him and battering him about the head. Later Shawcross would admit to removing the boy’s heart and genitals and eating them.

He later told prison psychiatrists that he had returned to the gravesite on several occasions to have sex with the corpse ( Jack Blake).

He served the first six months of his sentence at Attica prison where three black inmates allegedly raped him. Shawcross claims he later extracted revenge by beating and raping each of his attackers in separate incidents

#18 Randy Kraft (killed 16+)

a year in the air force, only to be discharged on grounds related to homosexual behavior.

he was arrested again for lewd conduct with another man

the charges against Kraft stood as: sixteen murders, eleven counts of sodomy

a number of victims were known to frequent Ripples, a gay bar where Kraft was a well-known customer.

Kraft moved off-campus in 1966, sharing digs with a male friend in Huntington Beach, spending much of his free time in gay bars. He was arrested that year for lewd conduct

Classmate Jeff Graves became Kraft’s live-in lover, but Randy still lived up to his name, cruising gay bars for strangers, showing a decided preference for Marines.

Kraft disclosed to his family that he was gay. and plunged full-time into the gay lifestyle.

Kraft took the boy — Joseph Alwyn Fancher — home, plying him with marijuana, pills and wine, showing him photos of men having sex. Fancher was semiconscious when Kraft stripped and sodomized him,

They found the sneakers, along with various illegal drugs and 76 photos of Kraft enjoying sex with various men.

#17 Herbert Baumeister (killed 16)

Investigators believe Baumeister picked up young men for homosexual liaisons

He also began spending a lot of time in homosexual bars

Julie later admitted that she and Herb had engaged in sex only 6 times in the 25 years they were married,” detective Vandagriff explains. And, according to authors Weinstein and Wilson, Julie never saw her husband nude.

According to Tony, he had chanced upon his suspect in a local gay bar in town; the 501 Club; actually, he had seen him before in Indianapolis’ gay night scene

#16 Charles Hatcher (killed 16)

Hatcher attempted to abduct a 16-year-old St. Joseph newspaper boy

inmate Jerry Tharrington was found raped and stabbed to death on the prison’s kitchen loading dock. Hatcher was the only one missing from the kitchen crew at the time of the murder.

Hatcher confessed to abducting a twelve year old boy

Hatcher was charged with assault with attempt to commit sodomy and kidnapping.

he was only held briefly because of his deteriorated mental state after sodomising another boy.

#15 Jeffrey Dahmer (killed 17)

Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. His murders involved rape, dismemberment, necrophilia and cannibalism.

he was arrested for drugging and sexually fondling a 13-year-old boy

Dahmer picked up a hitchhiker named Stephen Hicks and offered to drink beer with him back at his father’s house, planning to eventually have sex with him.

usually picking up his victims in gay bars and having sex with them before killing them.

Dahmer got the idea that he could turn his victims into “zombies” — completely submissive, eternally youthful sexual partners

#14 Gordon Northcott (killed 20)

Warden Duffy recalled his conversations with Northcott as “a lurid account of mass murder, sodomy, oral copulation, and torture so vivid it made my flesh creep.”

Northcott had beaten and sexually abused Clark

#13 Carl Panzram (killed 22)

He began to rape hoboes

Once, Panzram was caught in a boxcar by a brakeman, and forced the hobo he was in the process of raping to rape the brakeman, before doing it himself.

he would often rape men whom he robbed

He lured sailors in New York away from bars, got them drunk, raped and shot them and dumped their remains into the river.

I have committed sodomy on more than 1,000 male human beings.

#12 Ronald Dominique (killed 23)

In his confession, Dominique, who is reportedly gay, said he frequented area gay bars and targeted men he thought would be willing to have sex for money.

Classmates who remember Dominique say he was ridiculed about being homosexual during his teen years, but at the time he never admitted he was gay.

there was the Dominique who cross-dressed and did bad impersonations of Patti LaBelle at the local gay club.

Most residents knew Dominique was gay

Dominique, single and reportedly gay

Dominique told them he picked up men with the intention of raping them after he tied them up.

Dominique was a frequent customer at the video store for several years. The owner said she knew Dominique was gay. He rented gay porn movies and sometimes talked enthusiastically about dates he’d had with other men.

#11 Larry Eyler (killed 23)

Larry Eyler lived with his lover (male) and his lovers wife and three kids.

police officer in Indiana spotted a pick-up truck off the side of Interstate 65, with two men nearby walking towards a group of trees. It appeared that one of the men was tied up. When the officer approached them, the bound young man told him that Eyler made homosexual propositions, including asking permission to tie him up.

police trailed Eyler to an Indianapolis gay bar, watching as he left a short time late, with another man. Eyler drove his one-night stand to a Greencastle motel, where they rented a room.

police spotted Larry Eyler cruising for dates in a district favored by male prostitutes.

officers watching from their cars as Eyler picked up one young man, then dropped him off a few blocks later. Detectives swarmed to question him about the meeting, their witness explaining that he had rejected Eylers offer of money for sex

In the pickup, Eyler offered Hayward $100 for sex, specifying bondage as his preference.

Jim Griffin, from Chicago, identified Eyler as the man had taken home for sex

Police raided Eylers apartment at 7:00 A.M. and caught him in bed with John Dobrovolskis.

#10 Wayne Williams (killed 24)

testimony that he was a pedophile attracted to young black boys.

the prosecution painted Williams as a violent homosexual and bigot

One witness testified that he saw Williams holding hands with Nathaniel Cater

Another, 15 years old, told the court that Williams had paid him two dollars for the privilege of fondling his genitals.

He added that he knew the man to be a pedophile and had on occasions been offered money to find the driver young boys with whom he could have sex.

Robert Henry, who knew Cater, saw Cater and Williams holding hands the evening of the bridge incident. A couple of youths claimed Williams made sexual advances to them.

#9 Juan Corona (killed 25)

Some had their pants pulled down and had signs of recent homosexual activity.

Frasier indicates that there was evidence of anal intercourse

#8 Dean Corll (killed 27)

Corll was drafted into military service, where he displayed the first signs of flagrant homosexuality.

At the same time, he displayed a sadistic streak, leaning toward bondage in his sexual relationships with young men and boys.

Brooks entered the apartment to find Corll nude, with two naked boys strapped to a homemade torture rack.

The violence had erupted after Henley brought a girl to one of Corll’s paint-sniffing orgies, driving the homosexual killer into a rage.

Life in the army caused a bit of a change in Dean, well it was probably already there, but being around all those men all the time awaken the urge to fuck men in the ass.

one of the teenage male employees of the candy company complained to Corll’s mother that Corll had made sexual advances towards him.

Upon Corll’s urging, a sexual relationship gradually developed between the two: Corll paid Brooks to allow him to perform fellatio on the youth

Dean finally realised he was gay. Until then Dean had known something about life was wrong but until his realisation about his homosexuality he had been unsure about what had been missing.

Henley told police that Corll was a homosexual and pedophile that paid him to procure victims

A teenaged homosexual who called himself “Guy” claimed that Corll made a sexual pass at him in a public men’s room.

#7 Patrick Kearney (killed 28)

Evidence recovered from Kearney’s home, where Hill resided as a live-in lover, included fibers matched to those on several corpses

Warrants were issued for Hill and his roommate , but the lovers remained at large until July 1

he met Patrick Kearney, stationed with the air force in Texas, and their attraction was mutual. Hill divorced his wife in 1966 and moved to California with Kearney a year later.

He claimed several more victims before moving to Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, in 1967 with a younger man named David Hill, who became his lover.

one victim —John LaMay, 17—had been seen in the company of two homosexuals: Patrick Kearney, 37, an electronics engineer for the Hughes Aircraft Co., and his roommate, David Hill, 34, unemployed.

#6 John Gacy (killed 33)

He enticed many young men to his home for homosexual liaisons

Gacy pled guilty to sodomy and was sentenced to 10 years

Gacy was charged with disorderly conduct; a teenaged boy claimed that Gacy picked him up and tried to force him into sex.

Gacy’s second wife felt she could no longer cope with the marriage due to her husband’s unpredictable moods and bizarre obsession with homosexual magazines.

Gacy then started growling and began spinning Cram around the room screaming “I’m going to rape you”.

Gacy told the police that he would pick up male teenage runaways or male prostitutes off the streets, and take them back to his house with either promising them money for sex, or just grab them by force.

Everyone heard the stories that Gacy was homosexual and made passes at the young boys who worked for him

His homosexual desires and urge to inflict harm were slowly becoming more apparent to those around him, especially his wife.

Gacy had told Carole that he preferred boys to women. Naturally, Carole was distressed and she soon filed for divorce.

#5 William Bonin (killed 44)

“While Bonin had sex with him, the co-defendant, Miley, drove.”

“Initially, Steven agreed to have sex with the defendant. Later, he allowed himself to be tied up, expecting to be paid for having sex with a friend of the defendant’s.”

“A glance at the record revealed Bonin’s 1969 conviction, in Torrance, on counts of kidnapping, sodomy, child molestation and forcible oral copulation.”

“He had previously served time at Atascadero State Hospital for sex crimes committed against five young boys in 1969.  1975 his probation was revoked for kidnapping and raping two teenaged boys. He was released again in 1978. By June 1980, he had raped and murdered 21 teenaged boys and young men.”

“One night Bonin brought a young man home and to have sex with him”

“military learned Bonin had sexually assaulted two men in his outfit at gunpoint. Soon after his return Bonin was convicted of sexually assualting 5 boys.”

“Bonin picked up the boys while driving around then handcuffed and sodomized them.”

“I went into the living room and watched TV while Bonin was having sex with Wells.”

#4 Ottis Toole (killed 65)

“Toole claimed he was forced to have sex with a friend of his father’s when he was five years old. He felt he knew he was homosexual when he was 10, and claimed to have had a homosexual relationship with a neighbor boy when he was 12.”

“Toole dropped out of school in the ninth grade and began visiting gay bars. He also claimed to have been a male prostitute as a teenager, and was known to dress in drag.”

“He married briefly, but his bride departed after three days’ time, repulsed by Toole’s overt homosexuality”

“She left him in just three days, after discovering her husband’s homosexuality.”

“she said, “he told me he got nervous a lot, especially if he couldn’t get a man. He’d get angry, he sald, and then he couldn’t get excited with a woman.”

“Toole met Henry Lee Lucas at a Jacksonville soup kitchen, and they soon developed a sexual relationship.”

“Sarah Pierce, a one time house guest later told police that Ottis, a known bisexual, often picked up men to bring home for sexual purposes. As well as his homosexual tendencies, Ottis also enjoyed watching his male guests have sex with his wife , Pierce and the under-aged Frieda. Henry adapted to his new “home” and was soon sharing the main bedroom with Ottis after Novella was sent to stay with neighbors.”

“Toole met killer Henry Lucas at a jacksonville soup kitchen, taking him home for a night of drinking, conversation, and sex.”

#3 Donald Harvey (killed 87)

“some of his aquaintances and homosexual lovers had also perished suddenly.”
“A homosexual and self-styled occultist”
“he sometimes practiced on his live-in lover Carl Hoeweler”

#2 Donald Gaskins (killed 200?)

“they sometimes raped young boys.  Their sexual experiments also included younger boys”

“His first male victims were acquired by accident, two long-haired boys whom Gaskins took for girls as he drove up behind them. Gaskins drove them both to a hideout near Charleston, where he sodomized and tortured both”

#1 Henry Lucas (killed 600?)

Becky became inflamed at him, referring to him as a homosexual.

Ottis claims he has killed “orange socks” ’cause he was jealous that Henry was having sex with her while Henry and he had a homosexual relationship.

Over the next six and a half years, Lucas and Toole were fast friends, occasional lovers and frequent traveling companions

Homosexual lifestyle is not so “gay”. While “playing” with other sick people they are likely to get killed by some more sicker one, or are sick enough to kill some sodom-buddy, just for his sexual gratification.

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