Monstrumi: Arthur Shawcross

Neke stvari su toliko monstruozne da nije moguće pronaći snage za prevoditi ih. Da li ih izostaviti zbog mučnine koju izazivaju? No, nije li izostavljanje zapravo uljepšavanje istine. Da li objavljivanje navoda iz originala ide na ruku psihopatama? Teško: vjerojatno takvi posjećuju neke druge blogove, dok normalni ljudi moraju imati priliku saznati i mučnu istinu o monstrumima – ako imaju “želudac” za nju.

Svatko poznaje samoga sebe: ako postoji mogućnost da se danima loše osjećate zbog pročitanoga, onda (makar i razumijete engleski),


1968, when Arthur was conscripted into the army and began a tour of duty in Vietnam. It was to be important because he was about to learn how to kill.

He enjoyed hunting the enemy – being a predator.

Once in the thick of war, Shawcross later told of some of the atrocities he committed. One occassion he found two Vietnamese women hiding in the shrub, he shot one in the head and tied the other to a tree. Though the first woman was still breathing he cut off her head and put it on a pole for the enemy to find. he then took a slice from her thigh, cooked it and ate it. With the other woman he made her perform oral sex before raping her at gunpoint and shooting her in the head.

In fact, Vietnam became a living fantasy of horror and gore for lethal Arthur. He not only would shoot at the enemy he also savaged several asian prostitutes one only eleven years old. He said later that Vietnam brought out his animal instincts.

“The VC put razor blades up whores’ vaginas. Shoved them inside a cup deep in where you’d never know until it was too late. When the GI’s would fuck ’em they would slit their penises to shreds or cut ’em clean off… I was with some guys, ROK Koreans, who took a whore and put a firehose inside her and turned on the water. She died almost instantly. Her neck jumped about a foot from her body. Another time we took another whore and tied her to two small trees, legs to the trees, bent down. She had a razor blade inside her vagina. She was cut from her anus to her chin. Then the trees were let go. She slit in half. Left her there hanging between the trees. This may be why I did what I did to those girls.”

Shawcross claimed he encountered two Vietnamese women hiding guns in a hollow tree and shot one of them and tied the other to a tree.  The woman who was shot was still breathing when Shawcross cut her head off and put it on a post for the Viet Cong to find.  He then cut off a section of her thigh and roasted it over a fire and ate part of it.  Afterwards he had oral sex with the other woman and raped her before shooting her in the head and butchering her body.  He became an expert sniper and claimed that he fashioned a silencer out of a rubber nipple from a baby’s bottle, which allowed him to pick off the enemy without giving his position away.  

By his own admission, Shawcross became an “animal” in Vietnam and found it difficult to control the violent urges that drove him to rape and kill.  The enemy weren’t the only victims of his sexual rages as he also claims to have attacked several Asian prostitutes, some as young as eleven.


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